La Main de l'Ours

english title: The Bear's Hand

Hand drawn animation / 2008 / 4 min 30

Three brothers live in a remote forest glade. One day, when the youngest of the three has to go into the forest, his fear is so great that he keeps his eyes closed and trips over a bear.

Scriptwriter + Director + Animator:
Marina Rosset
Editor: Jadwiga Krystyna Kowalska
Additional animation: Gaby Schuler
Voice: Pierre Maulini
Music: Louis Crelier
Sound mix: Denis Séchaud & Alexander Miesch
Production: Hochschule Luzern /
Marina Rosset / TSR
Producer: Marina Rosset / Gerd Gockell

Financial support
La Fondation Vaudoise pour le Cinéma
Le Pourcent Culturel Migros

2008 Best Animation Film, at Tirana International Film festival, Albania
2008 Best Animation Film, at the Cinemambiente Film Festival in Torino
2008 Best Short Film for Children and Young Audience at Ekotopfilm, Bratislava, Czeck Republic
2008 Special Mention at FIKE Festival, Evora, Portugal
2008 Award, FirstAnima, Caldas de Rainha, Portugal
2008 Diploma for narration and professionalism, Tindirindis Festival, Vilnius, Lithuanie
2008 Special Mention, Premiers Plans, Angers, France